kids or babies nowadays ar..hmm..

i dont mind trying you?? say truck! hehe

bad boy!! "i dont like you mummy.."

so, its frog or f**k??

okay..dats all..XD

touch my barreh (touch my body by mariah carey sang by a korean guy)

i saw this in one of my fren s blog..its really damn funny lo...

know you love my cock~

OMFG..pls dun try not to laugh..its really hard..heh, first time i saw dis video, i swear! my tears ALL IN!!! hehe enjoy! XD

january bird day celebration ;)

this event was held in puchong..celebrating ting jia woei's bday ;)

kenny went, i went, and of coz mr.bday was there too..heh

and we discover this i get it right?? so, we played, to show off..hehe..

kenny : this is mine!! dont touch!!

bday boy ar???!?

ok, its time to play some!!

lets play! ;)

this is ting's lovely little niece..daphne..a very panai girl i tell you..she's also born in the same date with ting!

and yes, these are her friends..

bday boy and bday girl..;)

pls focus on mr.kenny lai...take #1..

take #2..

ok, after sang we all sang THE song..we blew the candle..and yes, there's oni 1 candle..

wonder if the hands can move...hmmm...

hmmm...soli, i forgot the pic will turn out like this..pls click on the image to enlarge..;p yea, its one of my boring so called comic..;p

okay, everybody sing together now..

~ happy birthday to you..;)

Sketch Drawing

Inspire by Marc Johns' Kenny draw his 1st drawing which call : Tortoise crossing road !!! .... heheheh ..... cuba sahaja !!!! who knw ... maybe someone buy tis drawing !!! lol !!! ...

my second drawing : Handphones ..... lucky I got play the game name "guess the sketch" from facebook ... which improve my drawings !!!

the imitation of Marc !!! thanks to helen who introduce us this Marc Johns' ..... so where's your drawing ???

will you buy these?? heh

all thanks to marc john..hehe and happy niu year everyone ;)

Worlds Thinnest TV - Sony XEL-1 OLED TV

This Sony OLED TV its only 3mm thick

To own just pay the price.... USD 3000++

Sony just announced plans to cut about 8,000 global jobs from its beleaguered electronics business while making unspecified reductions to its seasonal and temporary workforce. The move, as Sony explains it, comes "in response to the sudden and rapid changes in the global economic environment."

Don't know what they are thinking...

Clarke Quay @ Singapore

Clarke Quay @ Singapore play a host to a colourful kaleidoscope of restaurants, wine bars, entertainment spots and retail shops..!!

your map and direction at Clarke Quay !!!

This place is fantastic nice .. with its design and variety of foods available here ..

Btw ... this a male toilet, i wonder why there's a so sexy advertising picture here ... shit and look .. + if you are horny ... you can TFK at the same time ... not advisable ok !!!

the view at night ... full of lights !!!

another view !!! its also windy here !!! you feel cooling and refreshing !!!

you can also bring your loves one here to enjoy the night view here ... the crowd here mostly mat salleh !!! people here are friendly too !!

Not excited by tis place ??? go for a bungy ride ... a xtreme sports tat will increase your adrenaline ....!!!

there's 2 options for the ride ... I think I'll go for the combo ... lol !!! kind of expensive but its a good experience ride !!

my personal favorite pub .... the clinic concept ..... drink frm a test tube and sit on the wheel chair to wheel from 1 place to the another !!

Fancy sit with leopard printing .... tat's not a blood bag hanging ... its contain alcohol ... get drunk here and maybe the nurse here will take good care of you !!! lol ...

The operation table !!! place for a group of people ..... are u feeling sick ?

The Zirca club which replace the Singapore MOS ... no kidding !!! there's more then 15 girls are queuing for the entrance ... i think there's more girl then guys inside tis club !!! what are you thinking ??? drop by on Wednesday which i think is the ladies night !!!

Singapore is a smoke-free zone !!! beware where you smoke otherwise ended up with a summon...tis campaign start effective on the 1st JAN 2009 !!!

tis is a picture of Orchard Road !!! bz street !!!

tat all about my Singapore short trip !!! picture frm imbloggerash !!!

Micro Camera - 007 Technology

Don't say the wrong thing or act stupid when you see this lighter!

Lighter DVR with built in Micro camera for your home or office surveillance when you are not there. it records everything what you missed while you are away.
Built in Digital Audio Video recorder will give you all the evidence you need to prove in the court. In case some one came to your home or office for bad purpose.
You don't have to worry about the battery as it can run for a minimum 6 hours with a full Charge and micro SD card can record up to 8 hours Very High quality of audio video on 8GB Micro SD Card.
Built in lion lithium battery gives you the power of long hour in continues recording. Sure you need to charge it when built in battery is run out the power.
A great product to perform personal investigation, conduct secret video surveillance or for any ideal covert operation where gathering evidence is important for you.
Price USD150!

HelenK with Toshiba M200 notebook

HelenK now officially own her 1st notebook ... the toshiba satellite M200 after long hard work and saving !!! would she blink blink her notebook ??? I think all the ang pau money ended up here !!!

she enjoying her notebook with webcam !!!

She also use the latest MSN messenger ...

Caught in a act !!!

Indomee @ Chinese New Year

Indomee at Chinese New Year ... we gather here after at our HQ !! come here for a break before we start our second round ... here we gather more then 10 people ... and also special guest such as Sim's mother + Wynnee mother + Krist !!

btw ... ronald is here too ... he's going to vacation very soon !! happy for him !! and also thanks to him for giving lots of money out to the kids and make everyone happy at the second round of blackjack !! ...

ah neh !!! wishing us a very Happy Chinese New year ... but too bad he didnt give us ang pau !! this is the longest table we have sit after so long !!

Shelly showing off her sesame street red bag !! our OJ is sitting the manager place !! thanks to him for paying the bill ... wynnee + kids were here too, celebrating our indomee CNY !!

The brother's above .. kin kin + wynnee + Sean + Krist (came back frm singapore) + Ting + Ronald + Shelly ... special guest dude + 1 friend (mingkee friends) !!!

Mingkee + OJ the indomee couple !!! .. special guest : Wynnee Mum and Sim MUM ... and also Sean + Krist at the last picture ... its been a while since we see Krist ... too bz with his work at singapore !!

Special guest celebrating with us ... !!

Here .. we indomeez wishes everyone have a wonderful Happy Chinese New Year and may this year give you all the best !!! MooOoOoOing through the year and earn MOoOOooOoOOre in everything ... money + health + happpiness + love !!!