2584 people tweet this on Suddenly Kepong, OUG Green Park Wira NBC 8313 become famous. We are famous of being animal abuser, all thanks to this girl called DOREEN and the guy called ALAN (Malaysian). Even HK artists is sharing this around on their SINA page for the effort of human search. What a shame. (frm Facebook SPCA Singapore)

January 25th 2011 :

We have been informed by SPCA Selangor that information about the potential suspect has been passed to the Department of Veterinary Services (Malaysia's equivalent of the AVA) who are the investigating authority.

SPCA Selangor has been working hard on this case and will be doing all they can to ensure the suspects involved in this abuse are tracked down and punished.

Once again, thanks to everyone for playing their part in solving this case.

SHE - selina is going home

SHE - selina is well, as the report above, she's getting well and able to be home after few months admitted to hospital ... !!

p/s : get well soon yea !!

Chinese New Year @ Skudai

Chinese New Year @ Skudai .... new year decoration at this park !!! near sutera mall !!!

dolphin @ skudai (johor)
happy cny in advance frm

some nice food i ate in johor

nasi beriani

pan meeeeeeeeee ... but i prefer KL .. heheh

frm .. kuew teow meng (tis is good)

tis was frm Melaka ... it was huge and it cost rm 0.80 ...

yummy ....

trip to singapore !!! frm 2010 - 2011

chee + helen .... btw, tis is helen 1st trip to singapore ... i laugh to death !! hahahahah

jumping up to year 2011 !!!!!

my stupid couz ... he's the 1 who drive me to singapore !! tq tq !!

christmas tree at nearby ion .... awesome decoration every year at singapore !!
helen with her new watch at Clarke quay !!
beautiful night at Clarke quay ... too bad didnt bring my tripod or else, i can take more beautiful pix !!!

another shot was taken near roadside ... wish i was here for more pix !! too bad, afraid police traffic will come and give us a summon ...

a special request pix by helen ... cause her name was at tis stall !!

we were waiting for the MRT !!! almost unable to reach JB before 12am !! phew .. it was close !!

a new friend we meet .... my couz friend name nigel ...

we was here at bugis to go for shopping !! but went to the wrong area .. we suppose to go opposite ... wrong info by stupid couz edmund ..

another day at singapore with friends frm KL .... mun yee aka crisci with her bf ...

my new toy and i miss samurai burger frm MCD ... it was not selling anymore at malaysia ... dnt knw why but i still remember the TV ads !!!

Cica Zhou top model @ china

Cica Zhou Wei Tong 周伟童 (her previous name was Zhou Tong, and Na Zhou) is the hottest model in China. Not like another who Chinese model has a flat chest, Cica Zhou even has a big boobs with measurement : 86\60\89cm. Cica Zhou actually was an athlete, but realize she has a beautiful face and tall body (175 cm), she finally becoming a model and winning the 6th Annual China National Model competition in 2000.

Cica Zhou born in Guizhou as a Shui ethnic minority, she had grown up to 170 cm in 14 years old. Cica has been called as "The mainland version of Lin Chi Ling". Now Cica Zhou is top 10 models in China.

We can easily find Cica Zhou photos and mostly she only wears a sexy bikini or hot pants.

Cica Zhou Wei Tong Profile

Name: Zhou Weitong 周伟童
Birth name: Zhou Na 周娜
English: Cica Zhou
Date of birth: August 26, 1982
Education: Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 86/60/89cm
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood Type: O
Educational level: secondary
Hobbies: swimming, singing, reading
Profession: Model, actress, singer
Highlights: 2000 Champion of China Star of Models Contestant
and Most Popular Model Award,Top 10 Models in China

Cica Zhou Wei Tong Fashion show :

China International Fashion Week, Dalian International Fashion Festival, Guangdong Fashion Week, Fashion Week, Zhongshan Shaxi leisure; Hong Kong Trade and Fashion Show, ARMANI fashion publishing, CHANNEL fashion publishing, KENZO fashion publishing, BURBBERY fashion publishing, SWATCH fashion publishing, Jean-Louis Snow Levin fashion publishing
Cica Zhou Wei Tong Photos

p/s : nose bleeding !!

Gunung Ledang @ Johor, Malaysia

The legendary beauty of Mount Ophir (Gunung Ledang) has made it one of Johor's most popular attractions for hikers and birdwatchers. There two known ways of reaching the summit. One is from Sagil, a town in Johor, the other is through Asahan, Melaka. The shorter route is from Asahan. Gunung Ledang ( or Mount Ophir as it is otherwise better known ) is the most visited mountain in Malaysia. It is not peculiar to find people who has climb the mountain more than 10 times.
my 1st visit to gunung ledang with some friends ... and it was my 1st shooting venue for 2011
above ... mr gan with wwe style ....

lovin it !!

Toast Box @ sutera mall (skudai)

The company has also recently opened new Toast Box kampong kopitiam-styled coffee houses serving mainly coffee and kaya toast among other more modern snacks. These Toast Box outlets are typically attached to a main BreadTalk outlet or located within a Food Republic food court.

BreadTalk Group Limited(Chinese: 麵包新語singapore:麵包物語) is a listed bakery based in Singapore and was founded in july, 2000. It currently operates a chain of retail outlets through its subsidiary BreadTalk Pte Ltd, selling a wide range of bread, cakes, buns and pastries. The group currently has a chain of 24 retail outlets islandwide in Singapore, and is seeking to expand overseas by opening branches in Indonesia, Hong Kong(in Silvercord & Nathan Road of Kowloon), the People's Republic of China, Philippines, Malaysia , vietnam, oman, kuwait, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, South Korea, and Bahrain.

i didnt knw much about toast box till now ...

their bread is awesome .... and coffee is so so ...

yummy ..... u shuld try tis bread !! its nice ...

awesome display ... how to make butter bread out of tis ...

overall is nice ... but the charges kind of expensive !!

tis is my 1st time here at Toast Box @ sutera mall (skudai)