Coke Zero launch and now produced in Malaysia - same same but different

Coca-Cola Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei region general manager Gill McLaren, flanked by dancers, at the Coke Zero launch today. - TRP pic by AZROL ALI

Coke Zero launch and now produced in Malaysia - same same but different.

Coke Zero, an alternative to the popular Coca-Cola drink but with zero calories and zero sugar, was officially launched in Malaysia today.
Previously available only in premium supermarkets like Cold Storage, Coke Zero will now be produced locally in Coca-Cola Malaysia’s factory in Bandar Enstek and be distributed widely in the country.
Malaysia-Singapore-Brunei region general manager Gill McLaren said: “We think Malaysia is ready for this now. you’ll find this in more places.
“Coke Light is a great tasting product but its got more of a specific target consumer which probably leans to a more female and expatriate market whilst Coke Zero taste more like Coke so it has a more broader appeal.”

McLaren added that the beverage company is currently working on Coke Zero to be available in fast food outlets which already offer Coke and Coke Light.
“It doesn’t replace Coke Light as that taste is quite different, Coke Light has a lighter taste but that was an innovation done a longer time ago, 25 years to be exact.
“This is the closest we can get to Coke whilst not being Coke. Some people are really loyal to Coke Light and they stay loyal to it, for anyone who tries Coke Zero, they will find this a good alternative to Coke.”
McLaren said that based on market research conducted in Malaysia, consumers here were initially sceptical about the taste of Coke Zero.
But when they were told it had zero calories and sugar, many were surprised at the similarities of the taste and provided a positive feedback – which pushed for the introduction of the product here.
She also said Coca-Cola has plans in the pipeline this year for more new products.
“We’re increasing our portfolio here in Malaysia, Fanta is only a three-year-old brand here. We’ve got Sprite, A&W as well as Heaven and Earth Tea which is already a really successful brand. Its part of our global commitment to provide more choices.”
Coke Zero was first introduced in Australia in 2005 and was very successful there. Currently, Coke Zero is available in over 149 countries making Malaysia the 150th country to receive the product.