De Amour Cafe @ Kota Damansara

De Amour Cafe @ Kota Damansara , this cafe gave me a feel at an English cafe. Well design for its clean white, warm lights, wood flooring & wallpapers .

I had a French cheese Mille crepe cake is made of 18 crepe layers. The classic cheese flavor is made with cheese custard and tastes delicious.

No 14-1, Pju 5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota damansara. Pj 47810 Selangor, Malaysia .

Tel: 03-61436660

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Ikuzo ramen Kota damansara

Ikuzo ramen Kota Damansara offers NO MSG , soup concentrates. Artificial flavoring.

I ate a bowl of cha shu ramen rm14.80 with a thumbs up. 5 pieces of porky cha shu with seaweed & spring onion.

This bowl of ramen reminds me of tapah (ipoh) duck noodle . Conclusion is an expensive cha shu wan tan noodle.

Ikuzo ramen
No.15, Jln Pju 5/10,
Dataran Sunway, Kota damansara,
47810 petaling jaya.

Tel: 03 6143 9171

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Location:Jalan PJU 5/1,Petaling Jaya,Malaysia

Minions for Sale!

Clay Minion Set for Sale..
You can buy it or learn to make these cute Clay Minion yourself now at Clayci.

SMASHING PUMPKINS live in Kuala Lumpur at GOOD VIBES festival

The sun is out and it’s a beautiful day. You’re sitting on the grass with your friends having some cold ones, enjoying great live music and even making some new friends. Everywhere you look people are dancing, cheering on the bands on stage or just chilling out and checking out various other attractions – everybody’s having fun and just generally soaking up the good vibes all around!
 Good Vibes Festival is about just that – having good fun with good music. The festival also features art, food and fashion attractions to create the complete festival experience.
 Started in 2013, Good Vibes Festival will showcase the best local and international music – from new, leading acts to more established and revered acts – that even the most discerning music enthusiast would appreciate.
 Good Vibes Festival is also a collaborative effort with other like-minded people who share the same passion for what they do. We work with talented individuals and collectives from the local arts, food and fashion community to give life to a truly great homegrown festival.
Date:  17 August 2013
Venue:  Sepang Go-Kart Circuit @ Sepang International Circuit
Time:  4:00 pm – 12:00 am hacked by Tiger-mate

1 JULY 2013 was hacked by Tiger-Mate.

Ngau Kee beef noodle

Ngau Kee beef noodle best in town at kuala lumpur.

I still remember this place since I was young when my father bring me to this place. Almost 20 years ago and still one of my best beef noodle in town.

You can use your four square to search this place.

The review was awesome. It opens at evening till late night.

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Location:Tengkat Tong Shin,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

Milky way at Hulu Langat

Milky way at Hulu Langat journey start here at oldtown 24 hours at Jln cheras. 12.59am waiting for Melvin and photographer gang. Enjoying my coffee .

2.26am on the way.

STARCHART at 2.29am

Location at 2.31am. Journey lots of mist.

2.39am. Journey was frightening . Drive safety if you are here. Caution : rock falling area. There's 1 part very dangerous. Lucky there's divider.

Sky was clear and now pray for luck to see my 1st milky way for 2013.

My Digi no line here. Shiiiiit. Yellow man can't catch up.

We pass by Air terjun sungai terkala sign board at 2.45am

3.10am .... Is here !!!! My 2013 milky way.

My setting iso 1600 f2.8 14mm

Actual location .

3.22am I saw 1 fireflies .so happy.

3.17am , position of the milky way.

3.53am , change location.

4.42am, change location

4.45am, change location... Milky way to high... Journey back was difficult due to mist .

Thanks to Melvin driving skill & eye sight, we are safe. Above picture if u can see the white piece is a collapse divider stone. Estimate 5.09am we reached our final destination . Unfortunately the mist was too tick. We decided to leave.

5.04am , we manage to reach Jln Hulu Langat. We are tired...zzzZzzZz. 5.18am we reach look out point @ cheras.

5.25 we reach oldtown. End....can't wait to see the photo result. Mission accomplish with full satisfaction.

March 18, 2013 - done processing.

for better quality viewing :

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Tokyo kitchen at Giza mall

Tokyo kitchen at Giza mall offers 50% off every weekdays frm 9.30pm. Master chef Meng who has more than 10 years of experience has introduce a fresh and exciting.

Salmon toro 5pcs (100g) at rm 23.80 . Discount 50% = rm11.90

Fantastic !!

Food : so so
Food decoration : nice . Thumbs up.
Price : value for money.
Environment : nice.
Noise pollution : very high unless you dont mind the nearby live band from the hub.

Tel : 03-6151 1268

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Location:Jalan PJU 5/17,Petaling Jaya,Malaysia

William Warung mamak at taman sea

A 5 star mamak with lots of varieties and great food.

They do serve a lot of food. Seriously, a lot. From western to Indian. And even fusion.

They dont have real menu here. So,Do not ask those waiters bout which is the best food. U may end up paying more than u expected. Just simply play mix and match of food for whatever u can think of. They will make it you.

Famous and must have...

1. Their cheese naan!!!
2. Their garlic butter noodle!! It comes w choice of beef or pandan chicken.(the pic attached)
3. Nasi goreng ketam (crab meat fried rice)
5. Ribena longan

Price : 5 star
Portion : big
Cleanses : low

I do enjoy their food.

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Location:Jalan SS 26/4,Petaling Jaya,Malaysia

Cable-stayed bridge of LDP on FIRE !!

Cable-stayed bridge of LDP on FIRE today Febuary 26 2013evening. Thanks to bomba for saving the day.

For video : click here

The cable-stayed bridge of Damansara–Puchong Expressway spanning over its intersection with Federal Highway in Petaling Jaya. Wikipedia.