Cash Studio Facebook Timeline

Cash Studio Facebook Timeline.
Cash Studio A team of highly enthusiastic photographers that goes beyond any boundaries to provide our client with the best images that they will treasure. At CASH we believe photography is shooting with heart.

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Sa-Kun @ Saito College

A story of two characters, Sa-kun and Ito-Chan. Sa-kun, who seeks to expand his creative learning outside of the norm is shunned by his mates.

Sa-kun: The Rise of the Third Eye is the Pilot Season of an advertising campaign for Saito School of Design. The campaign is spearheaded by the students and advertising agency, Pirana Graphics. It puts student's creativity to the test by involving them from the start of the creative process :- character and storyline development, music design, creative direction through to the launching of the campaign.

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An advertising campaign for Saito School of Design is spearheaded by the students and advertising agency, It puts student's creativity to the test by involving them from the start of the creative process :- character and storyline development, music design, creative direction through to the launching of the campaign.

Leng Yein Divorce & Single

I hereby OFFICIALLY announce that I am DIVORCED.

I am responsible for every decision i make in my life and i dare to take full responsible for it. And as an Artist, i know i have the responsible too, to let all of you, my dearest Facebook friends, to know what's going on.

I am SINGLE since the end of August last year. I never told anyone because I know the whole world would be shocked and it will pressure the tough times more.

Every since the divorce, both of us try to still save our relationship, thats why u still see us together this year during Chinese New Year. But deep inside our hearts, we both know that we had changed and accommodate and sacrificed everything for each other. We are very strong, very dominant, very independant and know what we want all the time in time. We will always be who we are. That's why we are like two cute lil bulls who loved each other so much who tried our best not to go head to head on each other for 7 years.

Few weeks ago, we sat down and decide to both move on. We love each other alot and we both believe that argueing or trying to kept changing a person is not the solution to FOREVER ... We are two calm little bull =)

I just got back to Malaysia, I rented a small place and I've moved out. I know the public would spot my car and to AVOID speculations of 'Why is she NOT home with her husband and here at this small little place etc.", so i've decided to announce the divorce now. I am starting allover again all by myself. I want to do it all by myself ! All my bestfriends including him are worried but Don't worry. I am a survivor ! I just wanna see where i would end up from here onwards ... That's the excitement of life =)

We both part without taking ANYTHING from each other besides our beautiful memory because it was never about the money. Our love will not die ... We respect each other a lot, and we wish each other well ... He is a good man, and it is not anyone's fault whatsoever. So don't assume too much. We are still good together.

After i've signed d paper last year, i decide to get back into the scene without letting ppl know that I'm single just to see whether public still could accept me for who I am. That is why suddenly all of u see me flying allover the world and being so busy. That is also why i wasnt in Malaysia most of the time working hard and striving. In this half a year, Im grateful and thankful that I made it thus far in such a short time. Thank you for your support.

I used all my hard earn money in this half a year to open my own label KUMO BY LENG YEIN. I'm starting my life allover again ... With my own money, all by myself.

Oh yah, I bought the Pink Hummer myself so please stop asking what did I get from the divorce because I've had a happy 7 years of my life, and I don't NEED, or WANT to TAKE ANYTHING from him. Because I have my world with me for 7 years ... And now, I'm gonna move on to another stage of my life ;)

I used to have a fairy tale ... I used to have a carefree life ... I used to have a lot of things that ppl kept telling me they wished they have ... To me, the most important thing in life is to be grateful and be happy ... I am grateful for what I have and will always be ...

Starting over isn't easy ... But I wanna try to re-live myself. It had been so long since I'm single and kickin' life the way I want it to be ...

Now that I am off the "be responsible as u r someone's wife" sense, I will pursue my dreams and stop at nothing ... If u wanna tell me 'U shouldn't dress so sexy because u r someone's wife !' <--- Excuse me. I ONLY went back to modeling AFTER im back single. U dont know because i didnt tell ! So now you KNOW.

I will work hard, stand up on my own feet, and i will not lose hope ... Never will ...

Take life as it comes ... Take it easy. Alot of things can be bought by money but not happiness. Remember that. You will only be truely happy not by counting how much money u have in your life or how much u had achieved in your life, but by feeling the happiness that comes rushing from within everyday when you wake up, and feeling grateful and calm everynight when you go to bed.

You cant BUY the world with your money. But u can have the WORLD with you if you are truely happy ... Be responsible for your own decision.

It is not the fall, but how I get back up that matters ... I'm starting my life allover again alone, with my best friends and Facebook friends alongside me. Never give up ... This is not the end of my life ... This is only the beginning of a new stage of my life ... I love you ...

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The below is the actual explanation. But expressing a divorce in english sucks. It sounded so straightforward ... Gosh ! Read what i wanna tell u, actually, below, in this picture :

PS : Please SHARE this out so that i dont need to answer the same thing allover again ... Gosh ! thanks darlings ...

Love Always,
Leng Yein

milky way @ Muar

Muar, also known as Bandar Maharani is a town geopolitically situated in Muar District in the region or area of Muar in northwestern Johor, Malaysia.

The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains Earth.This name derives from its appearance as a dim "milky" glowing band arching across the night sky, in which the naked eye cannot distinguish individual stars. The term "Milky Way" is a translation of the Classical Latin via lactea, from the Hellenistic Greek γαλαξίας κύκλος (pr. galaktikos kyklos, "milky circle") source : wikipedia

My very 1st milkyway shot.