Gillian Chung with Jaz Beer @ Pyramid

Gillian Chung with Jaz Beer @ Pyramid Malaysia 16 JULY 2009. Gillian Chung was the ambassador of Jaz Beer Malaysia.

Jaz It Up" Launch by Jaz Beer"
Date : 16 July 2009
Time : 6 pm
Venue : Orange Entrance

Come Jaz with Hong Kong artist, Gillian Chung this 16 July 09 at the Orange Entrance, Sunway Pyramid at the "Jaz It Up" Launch organized by Jaz Beer.

Jaz Beer is a locally brewed beer with 2 years market presence and have now re-formulated Jaz Beer to suit Malaysia's taste. The theme, Jaz It Up! – is a call to action; reminding consumers to be hip, have fun and dare to be different!

The fans club of Twins were in red. They are here to welcome their idol.

Photographers were here too ... they are getting ready their gears !!!

Some Malaysia freelancer and models were here too ... they all so sexy and dress in white !!

This gorgeous girl in the pics was Monique. Gosh she do grew up and become very beautiful. I was surprise she was here.

One of the Gillian Fans ... i was wondering why she was covering the mask !!! she was the most unique among the Gillian fans.

Angel Wong Chui Ling getting ready her mic .. she was the MC for the Jaz with Gillian Chung events. Angel or better known as Chui Ling to her many fans is Hong Kong-born Malaysia-based TV and radio personality, host and columnist.

In her earlier days, Chui Ling hosted the popular On The Beat TV programme - a weekly variety info and entertainment show. She later co-hosted the daily morning show on WAFM, a Malaysian Chinese radio station, before moving on to Astro's MYFM 101.8 where she now has a daily 10-minute segment during the evening drive time where she shares her views on various topics.

Besides hosting for radio and TV, Chui Ling also emcees in Chinese and English for various ground events. Her ground event clients include Shell, LG, Genting Resorts World, Da Ma Cai, Henessy, Nokia, A Cut Above, Allianz, Toyota, ODM timepieces and many more. She has appeared in many TV commercials too. Her many clients include SKII, Estee Lauder, Eu Yan Sang, Overseas Restaurant, L'Oreal and more. She is brand ambassador for MXM International as well.
Read more about : All about Chui Ling

About 6 ++, Gillian Chung was spotted inside a helicopter. Nice transport to be here to avoid all the traffic jam at the peak hours. We were expecting a car to arrive here .. but what a surprise ..

Photographers & fans were excited and dash to the entrance to welcome her. All her fans were screaming for her name as "AH GIL" and the photographers were keep shooting photos of her. I was one of them .. hehehe,

There she was ... arriving with a helicopter and a suitcase of Jaz with her !! she was escord with bodyguards. Dnt play play yea !!!

Gillian Chung (Chung Yan-tung, aka "Ah Gil") (born 21 January 1981) is a Hong Kong based actress and singer. She is best known as a member of the CantoPOP group Twins, alongside Charlene Choi.

Gillian Chung holding Jaz Beer ... 1st of all we would like to welcome her back to the entertainment industries ... after 1 long year of resting due to the edison chen scandals pics. She is back !!!

Lets talk about Jaz Beer ... According to JazBeer :

Jaz Beer was distributed by Napex Marketing Sdn Bhd. Napex Marketing Sdn Bhd was incorporated in January 2004, is the first wholly Malaysian owned and the third brewery operation in the country. The brewery's first product as Jaz- The first Malaysian beer - was introduced in May 2007 to the delight of the Malaysian consumers.

JAZ sports a dazzling and distinctive look which is easily recognizable with its appealing environment friendly green and silver appearance.

The vibrant golden yellow is a perfect blend that matches international standards of a smooth, distinctive and aromatic flavor. The product comes in Quart, Pint and Can with 5 % alcohol content.

As you can see Gillian Chung was wearing a golden yellow pants to suits the JAZ beer launching !! Gosh, she's sexy !!

She was interview by Chui Ling with some question but nothing related to her past and its all about the JAZ beer. She was saying tat JAZ beer taste good !! EloOOoO Malaysian, so what are you waiting for ??? go grab a JAZ beer today and try it out !!

p/s : it contains 5% of alcohol, so Malays friends its not Halal ok !! Do not drink and drive too... please drink responsibility !!

According to Gillian, she was busy with some movie in H.Kong, too bad tat the drama or movie will not be available in Malaysia. Why she was chosen to be the ambassador of Jaz Beer Malaysia?? This is because she's young, sexy and famous which related to the goals of the Jaz Beer.

Jaz Beer was design by LAB . LAB whois a company which do design, branding, communication, interactive, strategy and advertising. For more info, visit or contact

Gillian Chung & JAZ beer ... it a good start for her career !! Question was in my mind, will she be back for singing and untied with Charlene Choi to form TWINS again ?? we kind of miss the well know group TWINS !!

There she goes ... after launching the JAZ beer in public, she was heading to a private conference nearby here.. All the guest and media was invited to have dinner here and most of all, its to have a JAZ beer ....

Look at the crowd !! Oh mine ... please make way ... i need to pass too !!! Gillian, plz wait for me yea ...

Thanks for the day, Chui Ling ... she was a great MC !! I recalled my 1st time when i see her, she was eating at the SS2 food court at night "wai sek kai" !! I was still studying in Coll .. sob sob, i miss a chance to take a photograph with her cause no friends to hold camera for me !!!

After the public ... she was here to have another private conference where all the media can ask her more questions and NO question again for her past !! here .. i can see her very up close !! all these thanks to JAZ beer or Napex Marketing Sdn Bhd.

she look at me .... gosh, my heart is melting !!! im so close to her .... after all the question and answer, she got another interview with the local media but tis time no camera and outsider !! haiz ... well we do get enough of photograph of her ... the event was well organize and all media and photographers were happy. It was a good ending .. We were serve with foods and JAZ beer ...and also lots of pretty girls serving us JAZ beer.... one of them is mon mon (monique).

Tat all for the Gillian Chung with Jaz Beer @ Pyramid !! I'll start to like her more after meeting her ... Thanks for the great show and events by JAZ beer ... here I salute and wish JAZ beer all the best and hope to see tis beer in the international for the days to come!!

so who wans a JAZ now ???

The official poster of Jaz with Gillian ...

all the pictures thanks to (by Kenny Lai)

video thanks to :


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live shoot ah Kenny :) y no Edison Chan's photo at Bangsar ?

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