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A self taught photographer that resides in Malaysia, I started fiddling with cameras while working part time at a local photo studio during my college days and has then develop quite a strong interest towards photography, but was never able to go further due to the costly investment. It was until one of my friend bought himself the Canon EOS 450D and I was joined by him on my normal business trip up north that reminds me of this great hobby. Shooting blindly with all the new features of the DSLR from 8pm till 2am and using only water droplets as our main subjects shows how crazily glued we are with photography.

And that led me to my 1st DSLR, a Canon EOS 40D. Guess what? the 1st subject I shot when I got the camera was water droplets! Well the droplets kinda led me to another thing “messy kitchen”! so I gave up and started to indulge myself into landscape photography that lasted till today, cause the beauty of mother nature can never be replaced, so when ever I am not on any assignments I will try to make up sometime for it.

Shooting humans only came in after all that and it was also due to my wife’s pregnancy when I knew that I have got zero talent when it comes to portraiture, well that gave me something new to try and during the learning stage I met my current partner whom is a very good photographer, we learned together and critique each others photo most of the time and eventually it led us and my EOS 450D (now Nikon D700) buddy to form CASH Studio.

Though young and fairly new in the industry I believe with our unique approach to capture all the different moments of an auspicious event, we will grow in no time to be one of the highly sought after wedding photographers in town. In this blog you will see the shots that I have taken as the official commissioned photographer at many events. Hope I’ll be able to impress you with my work and if by any chance you need my service as your photographer, do contact me.

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